Trainz 3.6

Trainz is a system railroad simulation game where you can build model railroads
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Trainz is a railroad system simulation game for Windows. The game actually simulates a hobby. Many people actually spend a lot of time and money building model railroads in their backyards, for example. With this game, you can do it all from your PC without spending an additional dime. And your models will not get rusty or lost or broken if you misplace them. The game is mostly drag-and-drop. You will have to place your railroads first and then you can drive your trains on them. It is not clear how you get the trains. Maybe you get them all at the start of the game or maybe you have to unlock them as you go. You can even add bridges and tunnels. The developer of the game has promised to add expansions which would add some other features. The most desired one by the fans seems to be the ability to create switches between railroads. In short, the game features OK graphics and a vast array of elements that you can add. If you are a railroad hobbyist, this could be your bread and butter. If you are not, it doesn't harm to try it.

José Fernández
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  • Nice for people who like railroads


  • Boring for the rest
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